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4 English-speaking Personal Trainers in Malaga!

Updated: May 10, 2022

Finding a personal trainer in Malaga or when you're traveling or new to a city can be hard. You have to consider locations, indoors or outdoors, and most importantly find a personal trainer that you mesh with.

One of the main reasons why OneWorkout exists is to solve this problem. Here are personal trainers in Malaga, who speak English and can provide you with different styles of work out.

gemma schofield

Gemma is a posture and nutrition nerd, who has been a personal trainer for the last 6 years. She's originally from northeast England (think Manchester but not quite). Her approach is very wholesome, she focuses on strength and mobility in her sessions.

She wants to bring strength training to everyone, using science-based programming, posture assessments, and correction mixed into healthy long-term habits.

Training Locations:

Inside or Outside: Outdoors

Equipment: TRX, Resistance Bands.

Availability: Mon-Sat, mornings to late afternoon.

Languages: English

francisco portello

Francisco is an ex-professional football player, who brings his athletic background into his training. During your sessions expect to work hard but have fun and also learn how to train.

He wants to ensure that you have the tools to reach your goals.

Training Locations: Mijas - Avenida Virgen de la Peña, Mijas Pueblo

Inside or Outside: Gym

Equipment: Dumbells, weight machines

Availability: Mon-Sat, all day.

Languages: English, Spanish

polona oberc

Polona prides herself on taking an intuitive and compassionate approach to fitness. She's also an ex-proffesional basketball player.

Expect your sessions to be detail orientated, ensuring beautiful form and correct breathing as well as extensive mobility.

If you give Polona your preferences she will customise your workouts and ensure that you have a personalised approach.

Training Locations: Fuengirola and Malaga City

Inside or Outside: Outdoor locations

Equipment Resistance bands and outdoor gym equipment

Availability: Please Enquire

Languages: English, Spanish, Slovenian

Jose aparicio

José is a recently returned Malageño (someone from Malaga) after five years of living in the UK.

As soon as you meet José you will find yourself drawn in by his calm and level-headed approach. But beware... he likes lunges.

José is well experienced in helping his clients loose weight and improve their health through fitness. His workouts will push you but his calm and supportive manner will mean you reach your goals and develop a love for working out.

Training Locations: Malaga City

Inside or Outside: Outdoor locations

Equipment Resistance bands, TRX, dumbells.

Availability: Please Enquire

Languages: English, Spanish

This is a small collection of English-speaking personal trainers in Malaga. To see the complete list of personal trainers in Malaga please visit OneWorkout. You can also find and book your personal trainer here.


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