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The extra benefits of working out with a personal trainer

When most people think about signing up to the gym they have one thing on their mind. They want the number on their scale to decrease. Desired weight loss is the largest driving factor behind people’s decision to get moving. However, it shouldn’t be the only aspect considered.

The rewards, both short and long-term of physical activity have been proven time and time again. Still, anything with positive benefits requires a certain level of effort and patience. Two things a large portion of the population lacks. Especially when it comes to health and fitness.

This is where a Personal Trainer (PT) comes into play. Working with a PT is an incredible way to equip yourself with the correct tools for your fitness journey. This is very true if you are a newbie to the gym and have very little idea about where to begin. Below is a list OneWorkout has put together to highlight some other advantages of using a PT.

1. They hold you responsible for your exercise routine

Daily habits and routines can be formed without even thinking. After a long day at work, it is more desirable to plop yourself down on the couch and binge your favorite TV show, than it is to hit the gym.

There are many theories about habits. Including ones on physical activity and how difficult these habits are to form.

With exercise, people tend to think, only those with incredible determination achieve results. They view the start of the journey as too difficult. This may be because they have never tried to stick to an exercise routine, or never tried to exercise period.

That being said, creating a new routine in one's life requires more than just sheer willpower. Accountability is the key to success. This is where enlisting the help of a PT becomes advantageous. Someone who can hold you responsible for getting to the gym and focused on your workout.

PTs are not their client’s friend and are thus not afraid of hurting feelings when a little tough love is needed. This does not mean they do not want to see their clients succeed though.

With flexible schedules, PTs cater to their clients and help keep their heads in the game so they have the best chance at success. An amazing solution to trying it solo for the thousandth time.

A man works out alone in the gym. Something that can be difficult without the accountability of a PT.

2. They share their knowledge with you (mental clarity)

After years of research, it is clear the benefits of working out are not simply limited to the physical body. In fact, studies have shown that exercise can lead to increases in sleep quality, energy, and mood. Physical activity can also aid in lowering stress and help fight dementia later in life.

Considering this, having access to a PT allows you to tap into their expertise and get the most out of their knowledge. They can create a routine tailor-made to whatever you need to focus on at that moment.

While you may want to work on a specific aspect of your physique, consider how you feel mentally as well.

Without a PT it is unlikely that you'll have the knowledge or skill to create different routines. Especially those that yield the results you desire. Even more reason to consider working with a PT.

3. They care about quality over quantity

Accountability and personalized training programs are incredibly important with regard to fitness. But, these concepts may not be the number one reason to work with a PT. What is? The idea of quality over quantity.

When completing an exercise, it is extremely important that it is done with care and correct form. This, unfortunately, is much easier said than done. Many sports injuries related to overuse can be attributed to poor technique.

To protect against this, a PT will make sure their client’s form is perfect no matter the exercise. Even if this means not as many repetitions can be completed on a given exercise. What matters is that the form and technique are correct.

Additionally, PTs are great at adapting workouts to fit clients' specific physical needs. This way they know their clients are getting the maximum result from each session. All while minimizing the chance of injury.

A PT makes sure her client keeps his form while working out.

4. They keep you on your toes and constantly push you

Everyone has their go-to machine or favorite workout. With that in mind, when you exercise you should never become complacent. It is important to switch it up and keep sweating.

PTs are great for keeping variety in their client’s routines. They know their limits and goals and can customize plans to suit their needs. Additionally, if they see their clients becoming static they can tweak their routines so they are a better fit.

As stated before, designing an exercise plan is difficult. Changing it if needed is harder. It requires a high level of expertise. When someone does it correctly it is definitely worth paying for.

5. They help you set and keep realistic long-term objectives

With every health journey comes long-term targets clients are hoping to hit. Simply put, experts, like PTs, can help individuals reach their goals faster. By evaluating what a client hopes to accomplish, a PT can tell if their objectives are attainable or not.

In a situation where a client has put too much pressure on themselves, a PT can taper down their objectives. At least until their client is ready to tackle them.

In short, PTs provide motivation to stay on top of personalized routines. They make sure their clients stay safe with correct form and minimize the chance of any injury. They celebrate the success of others and enjoy being a resource for their clients so they can accomplish their goals.

Just as you would hire a contractor to help renovate your home because they are the specialist. A PT is an expert in fitness. Invest in their knowledge and help, and you are investing in yourself.

Booking a session with a PT can help make a positive impact on not just your health, but your future.


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