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Find and book a perfect  personal trainer for you. 

We've made finding a personal trainer incredibly easy.
With OneWorkout, you have the power to change your body,
improve your health, and reach your goals.

Why use OneWorkout?

We’re an online platform helping English-speakers find personal trainers whilst travelling.

1. Stay Fit

Whether it's to work off those extra sangrias or because moving keeps you sane, you can find a trainer that suits your needs.

2. Avoid Language Barriers

Put down the Google Translate. We know that the last thing you want to think about when training is whether you will be able to communicate with your trainer. Put 

3. Workout in the Location you want

Find English-speaking personal trainers based on where you are in the world. Filter by location and find the perfect workout spot.

Book a Trainer in Malaga!.jpg

How does it work?

Our only goal is to make the experience of finding a personal trainer simple.

1. Browse Trainers in Malaga
2. Choose trainer and location
3. Schedule a
4. Pay your trainer
after the workout

What about Pricing? 

Straight forward

OneWorkout gets 5%

of the price of each session,

the trainer gets the rest!

Prices start at $30 per hour

No hidden fees. What you see is what you pay 👍

Give back to trainers 

We try to take as little as possible from trainers, just the minimum to keep the lights on.

Meet some of our Trainers

We meet with all our trainers and ensure that they have the relevant experience,

great communication skills and a personality that will help you be better.


Gemma Schofield


Specialist in posture, nutrition and functional fitness. Over 5 years experience with clients.


Madalina Aniko


Specialist in rehabilitation, body weight training and treating obesity. 5+ years experience.

Find your trainer in
Barcelona, Madrid or Málaga.

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