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4 Outdoor Places to Workout in Malaga City

Malaga boasts of having 320 days of sunshine per year combined with its mild climate working out outside is a no-brainer. There are many spots in the city where you can do just that and most people's needs will be covered whether you run, lift weights, play beach volleyball or swim. We have collected our favorite places and sports activities that are totally free for you to enjoy.

This is a wonderful spot for a full-body workout. The part has plenty of equipment including vertical dumbells, ropes, pull up, and parallel bars. Whilst it's a little out the way, heading east towards the Pedralejo area, it's definitely worth a visit.

How to get there?

Walk from City Centre: 30min+ depending on where you are staying. It's around a 20min walk from La Malagueta beach.

Bus: 33, 34 towards El Palo will take around 20 minutes

E-Scooters: Rent an e-scooter and ride along Paseo Maritimo.

Drive: Possible but parking might be an issue.

Skip the steep and miserable walk up the front side of Gibralfaro and take the scenic back route which will lead you along a beautiful forested mountain.

It's about a 45min hike to the top to reach Mirador de Gibralfaro. It's quite steep but the paved road gives you lots of grip so running will be no problem. There is also a little park with benches about halfway up, the perfect spot for a rest and snack. You can go offroad and explore other paths, since it's all one small mountain, you can be safe to know there is nowhere to get lost.

How to get there?

Walk: Easily accessible by foot from the center of Malaga. You can come up through the back of the mountain right next to Plaza de La Merced. If you are entering next to Jardines de Pedro Luis Alonso, take the first bit of the ascent and then walk through the tunnel instead of going up further stairs. Use the GPS marker that is linked here for the exact start location.

3. Playa La Malagueta - Volleyball and Beach Football

Whilst the beaches stretch far and around Malaga city, the portion of Malagueta beach closest to the Port is the widest. This is important to consider when wanting to play sports, as the beach is often busy and you need to reserve quite a bit of space. A volleyball net and boundaries can be set up anywhere on the beach. There is a dedicated football cage around halfway from the La Malagueta sign to the beginning of the port.

How to get there?

Walk: La Malagueta is a 20min from Malaga City Centre.

Bus: 14, 40 run along the beach

E-scooter: Whilst this is an option, be careful of the parking restrictions in place, in La Malagueta. You will likely have to drop your scooter in a designated spot near the port.

Drive: Parking around any of the beach areas is a nightmare for the locals and tourists. You take a risk of a long walk or paid parking if you are driving.

4. Inicio Sendero Picapedreros - Hike, Run, Mountain Bike

This is one of our favorite spots in Malaga to spend a Saturday or a Sunday. Located right at the north tip of city limits and near the Jardin de Conception, this mountain range is amazing for hiking, running, and mountain biking. Getting there without a car or bike can be a little bit of a challenge but pack a picnic and do it anyway.

The amazing pine forests, as well as natural waterfalls, will capture your imagination. Be wary of temperature, as not all areas are shaded by trees. We don't recommend doing a run at 12noon in July.

How to get there?

Drive: You can get right up to the entrance of the natural park and park outside. This is the recommended option if you can do that.

Cab: You may need to walk down into town for a ride back but it should be possible to grab a cab all the way there and then back.

Bus: 2, takes you all the way to San Jose. Its about a 20min walk to reach the entance of the park from there.

Want to spice things up and work out in Malaga with a personal trainer?


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