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How to take advantage of personal training seasonality

As any Personal Trainer (PT) knows, flexibility is the name of the game. Especially in this profession. It is common for clients to have high expectations for their sessions. Many also change their schedules with little to no notice. Combine this with a slow off-season and it is easy to become overwhelmed. Even in a profession you have a passion for.

Avoiding burning out and preparing for the slow months is difficult, but not impossible. To make it easier, OneWorkout has put together a list of techniques that will allow you to maintain a successful PT business year-round.

1. Organize For The Busy Months

First up on the list is a tip that will help you stay productive during the off-season. Preparing for those peak months is much easier when you have more time on your hands. Plus it alleviates stress later on.

Focus on what works for you during a normal client workout and what you would like to alter or tweak. In addition to this, think about the administrative bits of your business as well. For example how clients book appointments or are able to leave reviews for others to see. When your schedule starts to fill back up again, this preparation will let your business run like a well-oiled machine.

Optimizing the way clients can book sessions will save you time and stress later on.

2. Learn Something New

Picking up something new is quite possibly the most obvious solution to a lack of money in the bank. It may sound cliché, but learning a new craft can provide a steady flow of income during what would otherwise be slow months.

A side hustle doesn’t have to be something completely foreign to you either. Lots of people have created extra income by sharing their expertise and knowledge in a different way. For example, you can leverage your career as a PT to create partnerships with local health brands. Develop a following online and these brands will actually pay you to promote their stuff.

Feeling nervous about stepping outside your comfort zone with new ventures? Think about different ways to book PT clients. For example, signing up with online platforms like OneWorkout can be the perfect way to find qualified clients. Many who are looking to book long-term sessions.

There are always opportunities to add extra revenue to your bank account, no matter the time of year. It may not be obvious at first, but with practice, your side hustle can grow into a full-blown business. One that complements your work as a PT while putting money in the bank.

3. Market Your Strengths

When done right, content marketing has the power to set oneself apart in a saturated industry. For both your PT clients and your potential side hustle, using the right platforms and techniques is very important. If promoting your business is new to you, there is no better time to learn than during the off-season.

Platforms such as Instagram offer individuals the option of business or personal accounts. For the former, they use metrics that track how well posts perform over others. They also give users feedback on the content they publish.

Most business accounts can be set up for free. So start out small, posting promotional material about PT sessions. Track the metrics and find out what works best. Come peak season, you will be a natural, and able to differentiate yourself from other competitors.

Social media platforms are a great way to market your PT business

Platforms like Instagram and Facebook are not the only methods of marketing today. Many business-savvy individuals have now created their own websites and blogs. Having your own website lets you showcase and promote your strengths. Including a blog lets you share your knowledge and passion with potential clients. Blogs can also boost your SEO. This in short, is responsible for your google ranking and makes it easier for clients to find you.

While time-consuming, marketing your business is an incredible investment. Especially across platforms with millions of users. Bonus: when done correctly (with the right content), it doesn't have to cost much.

4. Prepare For The Slow Periods

Picking up a side hustle and implementing new marketing strategies are great ways to take your business to the next level. That being said, there is nothing like safeguarding for the future. Especially when you know what is coming.

At the start of the year, during springtime and after summer are the peak times for the fitness community. While your schedule is full, save a larger portion of your income for these slower months. This will allow you to remain financially stable and also give you peace of mind.

In addition to increasing your savings during busy periods, make sure to budget as well. Budgeting is a useful tool year-round. It does not mean that you need to cut back on what you enjoy. Instead, budgeting, or paying attention to what you spend, should be seen as a beneficial technique. It lets you balance your spending against your income and increase your savings.

Budgeting can allow you to increase your savings and properly prepare for the off-season.

These two strategies might seem simple, but they will put you in a better position moving forward and keep your business profitable.

5. Take Some Time Off

Finally, do not be afraid to step away for a bit. This is important not just for your physical health, but for your mental health as well. It is true the other techniques mentioned are all great for keeping up your bottom line. However, it’s no good if you stop enjoying the business you have created.

It is normal to feel overworked and exhausted after a long week of client sessions. It is no surprise either that PTs often work unsociable hours. This is due to the fact that many clients prefer morning or after-work sessions. Add to this the likelihood of working with difficult clients. Suddenly, burning out becomes a real possibility.

It can feel like the obvious choice is to take on every potential client, even one that you may not enjoy working with, just because you need the income. In these moments though it is more important to prioritize your future, and the future of your business. Take a step back when considering whether or not to work with a client like this and see that your decisions today affect your drive and motivation tomorrow.

So when the off-season hits make sure that you are ready with all the tips listed above. But don’t be afraid to evaluate your business and step away for a minute to take a breath. Maintain your passion and drive, and your business will thrive because of it.


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