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How to Find a Personal Trainer - Seven Easy Ways

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

If you’re wondering how to find a personal trainer, you’re taking an important step in your fitness journey. Choosing the right personal trainer is like the secret sauce on a burger - the burger is alright on its own. Add in the special sauce, and you take the whole flavor combination to the next level.

In the same way, you’re likely already trying to move things along on your health journey - maybe you’re meal prepping and hitting the gym or doing home workouts. If you feel like something is missing, it’s time to take it to the next level. Personal trainers can provide motivation, education, accountability, and assistance with goal setting - all of which help fast track your success.

How to Find a Personal Trainer In Your Area

If you’re traveling, OneWorkout is a sure-fire way to find an English-speaking, certified personal trainer. On OneWorkout, you can search based on specialty, price, location, and more. The site makes it easy to find someone who understands your goals and keeps you on track, no matter where you are.

2. Gym Trainer Programs

If you already belong to a gym, you likely won’t have to search too hard for a personal trainer. Most gyms have personal training programs, which you can learn about through the front desk or the manager. If you don’t belong to a gym yet, you can always call nearby gyms and ask if they offer training programs.

3. Referrals at the Gym

You can also chat with others who have gone through transformations that resemble your own goals. If you’ve noticed another gym-goer who has lost weight, put on muscle, or toned up - ask them who their trainer is. You may have even seen these folks with their trainer at the gym. Scope out their session, see if that trainer is someone you’d feel comfortable with, and introduce yourself.

3. Ask Your Network

If you work out at home, finding a personal trainer might be a little less obvious. In this case, check with your network of friends and family. Ask for recommendations on your social media accounts or ask your family if they know anyone. If there’s anyone you’ve seen on social media who has gone through a major body transformation, ask them who they recommend.

4. Try Group Classes First

If you’re newer to working out, you might feel more comfortable trying out a group class first. Fitness classes at your gym or at local fitness events should be lead by a certified trainer, so check them out. Find out what types of classes and workouts you like, and see which trainers you connect with. Then, ask if they also offer personal training services - many of them do!

5. Online Coaching

Online coaching brings the personal trainer right to your phone. With this method, you’ll want to be more cautious and picky. There are a lot of trainers online who want to make quick money, so make sure they are certified and can provide legitimate testimonials. Read reviews and social media comments. Be sure to google their name, checking for any bad press.

Once you do find a good online coach, you can expect weekly (if not more frequent) check-ins and personalized workouts crafted just for you.

6. Apps & YouTube

Nowadays, there are apps and YouTube channels that offer workout plans. They’re worth a mention, although they obviously can’t beat an in-person, hands-on personal trainer. Apps like Tone It Up Studio, Adaptiv, and Apple Fitness+ are all great places to start. Workout channels on YouTube, like MadFit and Sydney Cummings, also offer workout plans. Take these options with a grain of salt - they all offer great workouts, but can’t promise the same customised results for your personal goals that a trainer could offer.

So, you’ve figured out how to find a personal trainer. It’s time to take the next step and book one! If you’re still unsure how to find a personal trainer in your area, check out OneWorkout - we’d love to help you connect with a trainer.


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