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10 fitness facts that will blow your mind

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

For most people, the act of starting to exercise is the most difficult part of their health journey. However, with proven lifelong health benefits, it's important everyone take that initial leap.

To help you stay motivated and focus on physical activity, OneWorkout has put together a list of fun fitness facts.

Body-related Facts:

FACT 1: The knee is the largest and most complex joint in your body which makes it the most likely to be injured.

  • To avoid injury, keep the leg muscle strong by walking, using the stairs, or working out with weights. Avoid sudden weight gain that can add pressure to the knees.

Man finishes pre-workout routine to reduce risk of injury.

FACT 2: Fat and muscle are completely different types of tissue. Thus, muscle cannot turn into fat and vice versa, despite what many people believe.

FACT 3: You need to burn around 3500 calories to lose a pound of fat.

  • This interesting fact should come with a warning label. This is because fat is also composed of different elements. Specifically protein, connective tissue, and fluid. This makes losing a pound of ‘pure’ fat not so cut and dry as attaching a caloric number to it.

Nutritionists now agree some form of caloric deficit (not always 3500) is the best way to lose fat if needed. Especially when combined with proper exercise.

Health facts:

FACT 4: Exercise can help you quit smoking.

  • Conversely, a recent Taiwan cohort study found a lack of exercise is now considered just as unhealthy as smoking.

FACT 5: People who don’t consistently exercise may lose up to 35% of their muscle strength by age 80.

  • Muscle strength is not the only thing that exercise can affect over time. Older adults (60+) can keep their brain fit with even mild regular physical activity, like a leisurely walk. These exercises, though small, can fend off memory loss. They keep skills like vocabulary retrieval strong and dementia at bay.

A couple takes a walk together through a park.

FACT 6: Regular exercise is linked to better sex.

  • This is because working out has the ability to improve body image, self-esteem, and energy.

Gym facts:

FACT 7: A study conducted by Fridge Raiders discovered that the British pour more than £4 billion every year into untouched gym memberships.

FACT 8: An estimated 67% of individuals in the UK with gym memberships do not use them on a regular basis.

FACT 9: According to a study by Kettler, 50% of gym-goers claim they go to the gym just to check out the opposite sex.

A woman working out at the gym.

FACT 10: Currently, the most active gym members, outside major cities, are boomers, in the 60-69 age range. They average 7 visits per month.

  • In London, the average age of the most frequent gym user falls to 57, at around seven visits a month as well.

Those aged 20-29 only visit the gym an average of five times per month.


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